Realizing Perfect Secrecy

A cryptographic software solution utilizing irrational numbers as the baseline source for high entropy data used in creating strong encryption keys and securing encrypted connections


Mission: Quantum–proof encryption

Protecting The Most Valuable Resource

Data is now the most valuable resource on the planet, securing everything from ecommerce to messaging, enterprise computing, and the most important passcodes on the planet. But it all relies on one thing: random number generation. Today’s prime number dependent encryption algorithms are at increasing risk.

Next Generation

Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) is an agreement protocol

High Entropy Random Numbers

Entropy provides insight into the direction of spontaneous change

Based on irrefutable mathematics

Math and measure combine to reveal truth.

A proven team of leaders

Leadership aimed at transformative solutions

High Stakes Require High Entropy – High Entropy is Vital

It is no secret that data volumes are exploding.  Data privacy/secrecy is more important today than ever before due to the massive increase of data creation and movement between the edge, core, and cloud. However, some widely deployed public key exchange & block-based encryption protocols are increasingly vulnerable to attack.

Data transfer, stored data, and data “in use”, are all more and more vulnerable for attacks while manufacturers/OEMs are needing to design products with safeguards far above traditional standards. The rapidly emerging technology of quantum computing, coupled with specialized factorization algorithms, is changing the way enterprises must adapt to encryption protocol vulnerabilities and data security risk management.

Frankly, recent advances in mathematical factorization pose a serious and undisputed threat to the widely used encryption protocols of today.

Revolutionary Product Offerings

Theon Technology delivers truly secure data transmission uncompromised by “quantum compute” and “brute force” threats.


A cryptographically secure data transfer platform as a service. Theon Technology provides core technologies for securing digital transactions, using the Archimedes AI-driven engine. Euclid implements the proven and well-validated 512-bit Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) protocol with AES 256, in conjunction with a random irrational number generator.
Euclid product page


Our AI-driven Cryptographically Secure Random Irrational Number Generator is a software which generates random numbers suitable for secured applications as recommended by NIST. Applications include “overlay” technology which can relatively easily upgrade outdated technologies.
Archimedes product page


The one-time pad is the optimum cryptosystem with theoretically perfect secrecy. We use our Archimedes AI and irrational number generation to create a truly secure experience in data transfer and messaging.
HypatiaOTP product page


Why Theon? Why Now?

Our encryption solutions set new standards for establishing highly scalable random number generation with very high entropy as well as realizing the dream of scalable One-Time Pad (OTP) encryption.


Protection against encryption factorization on soon-to-be-realized large-scale quantum compute platforms
Delivering true OTP encryption at scale for enterprise use
Reducing data storage, hardware and power requirements driving sustainable carbon footprints
Software approach supports multiple deployment models including on-prem, cloud/multi-cloud or hybrid
Base OTP encryption cipher suitable across multiple deployment models and use cases (in-flight, at-rest and in-use)

The Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

Most Random Number Generators Are Not Actually Random

Most current Random Number Generators (RNG) generate random integers but what cryptologist and security professionals rely on is nonrepeating random numbers. Unfortunately, current RNG technology acts more like the roll of a dice and while generating random numbers, will actually generate the same number more than once.  This can cause the potential for a security breach.

Quantum Computer Proof Cryptography

Truly Nonrepeatable Random Number Generation Is A Reality

Theon Technology Archimedes delivers an entropy source of ~2000-bit pool size as well as random raw data source and big integer generation  all through a HTTP/Socket API interface for you to easily replace your current RNG with one that won’t repeat random numbers.

The Proof is in the Product – THE PROOF

Theon Technology’s non-factored algorithms leverage time, music’s infinite variability, AI, and mathematical constancies to deliver on the promise of quantum encryption without the need for specialized hardware. The proof, though, is in the product:

  • Next Generation ECDH
  • High Entropy Random Numbers
  • Based on irrefutable mathematics
  • A proven team of leaders
  • Data Security now and in the future
  • NIST Validated

The standard for next generation software-based, AI-driven cryptography.

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